Residents in West Bromwich have been left baffled by a ‘UFO’ which is allegedly reoccurring over their homes. The unidentified flying object (UFO) has been videoed over the skies of homes in the Sandwell town.

Video footage, passed to BlackCountryLive, showed a 37-second clip of a bright white light over a home. The ball, or sphere, does not appear to move.

A resident who took the video, called Longie Willow, says it is not a star. The light was seen heading towards an old church in West Bromwich, called All Saints, which dates back to the 1400s.

The resident told BlackCountryLive: “Twice now we have seen this in the sky. It’s not a star and seems to have something trailing behind it has been seen hovering over West Bromwich going towards the old church, on All Saints Way.

“A few people have seen it.” UFOs have been reported throughout recorded history.

They are often associated with extra-terrestrials however the term refers to any airborne object that cannot be identified.

UFOs are also known as ‘flying saucers’ in pop culture – a term which was first coined in 1947 after a US pilot claimed to have seen nine of them near a volcano. The UK’s Ministry of Defence had a specific department, known as its UFO desk, that dealt with sightings.

But that closed down in 2009. Now, there is no official agency that deals with sightings in the UK’s skies.

Sometimes, police forces may receive reports of sightings. However, in the Midlands, there is a dedicated group that investigates reports, called Birmingham UFO Group, or BUFOG.

Its owner spoke with BlackCountryLive in an interview. Dave Hodrien, from Solihull, previously told us: “I like to give everybody the time of day, whether they have seen a light in the sky or a full blown close encounter.

“Or even repeated cases, where they have had lots of experience throughout their life – which can sometimes take ages to document. Every single case is a story worth telling I think. I always look into what it may or may not have been.”

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