While the fight over abortion, inflation, the border, and all the other issues of note from Biden’s disastrous presidency rages, Congress has apparently found time to look into an issue that interests most Americans, even if they refuse to admit it: UFOs.

What’s better, you can watch that hearing and see what results from it here:

The hearing is, as the first Congressional hearing on UFOs since the 1968 “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects”, notable not only for the out of this world subject matter, but also for the length of time between it and the last one on the topic, which was over 50 years ago.

Now, while the term “UFO” typically conjures up visions of aliens floating around in space in shiny new spaceships, zipping down on to Earth to beam up and probe weirdos that definitely like being in the news for having been “abducted” by aliens, that’s not really why Congress is looking into the matter.

Rather, though it would be interesting if Congress determined that little green men are swooping around Earth in their shiny flying saucers, the real topic of note in the hearing is whether certain unexplained flying objects represent leaps ahead in either Chinese or Russian military aviation technology.

You see, while aliens would be cool, the more likely explanation for certain unexplainable aircraft isn’t that Martians finally arrived, but rather that either the US, the Chinese, or the Russians have developed some leap-ahead military aviation technology that would be hard to explain given the current state of the aviation field.

Rep. Adam Schiff, for example, said that “There are a lot of unexplained aerial phenomena. We don’t know what they are, and they can’t be easily rationalized as weather phenomenon or balloons or anything else. So it’s quite a mystery.”

Indeed it is, though the mystery is which nation developed the new tech, not whether ET’s parents are looking around for him near Area 51, an Air Force base.

Similarly, another Democrat, Rep. Carson, the chair of the hairs the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee, the committee in which the hearing is occurring, said we’re going to press them on some very serious issues” and that he thinks it is crucial for the government to “seriously evaluate and respond to any potential national security risks – especially those we do not fully understand.”

Fox News, reporting on the relevance of the hearings and hinting at the answer to “why now?” questions that will abound given the decades since the last UFO hearings, notes that:

A 2021 report – a redacted classified version of which was published by The Black Vault earlier this year – said the government recorded 144 reports from 2004 to 2021, including 80 that “involved observation with multiple sensors.” The report also included information on “common shapes” of the UAPs, although the entire sections on the shapes are redacted. 

We’ll see what the committee discovers. Hopefully, it will be that the US has developed some awesome new weapons tech, not that aliens are probing Earth’s defenses or that the Chinese or Russkies have developed some new aircraft that we’re having trouble dealing with.

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