The documents reveal incidents that happened between 2013 and 2019, following the Pentagon revealing videos of unidentified objects last month

A House Intelligence subcommittee will today hold a hearing about unidentified flying objects and the possibility that we have encounted alien life.

The hearing on “unidentified aerial phenomena” will be broadcast on the House Intelligence’s YouTube page at 9:00am ET (2:00pm GMT).

Testimony is expected from many high-ranking intelligence and defence officials. It follows a report on UAPs last year which found that there were 144 encounters between 2004 and 2021.

Although the report said that the evidence was “largely inconclusive”, it stated the most of the phenomena reported “do represent physical objects” and that the United States currently lack data to indicate any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary.”

The proceedings will be chaired by Representative Andre Carson, who said that people needed to be informed about the events.

“Congress hasn’t held a public hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UFO’s) in over 50 years”, he tweeted. “Americans need to know more about these unexplained occurrences.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has also said that “there’s much to learn about unidentified aerial phenomena” and that “the American people deserve full transparency.”

Mr Moultrie says he wants to encourage reporting this information becoming the norm

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:34

“It’s not about finding alien spacecraft”, Mr Crawford says, but asks how AOIMSG can stop “intelligence surprises”

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:33

“I don’t necessarily dress up”, he adds, but says the organisation has “character” and “we want to know what’s out there as much as you”

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:31

“I am an inquisitive mind”, Mr Moultrie says, when asked if he is a science fiction fan.

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:30

“There’s no other higher priority we have”, says Mr Moultrie.

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:29

Mr Carson: “What can you say to give the American people confidence that you aren’t just focusing our attention on low hanging fruit with easy explanations?”

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:27

“I’m impatient. I want immediate understanding as much as anyone else”, Mr Bray says, but “we’ve had to be less forthcoming … than many would hope”

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:25

Most UAPs fall into five categories: airborn clutter, national atmospheric phenomena, US industry development programs, foreign adversaries, or “other”, Mr Bray says

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:22

Mr Bray is now showing an obersation in real time – the smallest flicker of a bright light in the blue sky whizzing past a pilot

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:22

“The message is now clear: if you see something, you need to report it”, Mr Bray says.

Adam Smith17 May 2022 14:20

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