“I saw all these people running from one window to another for their admissions, and then it struck me, I don’t want this. I want to be different. So I went back home.”

He returned home having made a firm decision not to continue his studies. 

While he was completing the animation course, he happened to go on this vacation with his friends to Goa. His friends decided to go to a local tattoo studio and they all ended up getting tattoos.  Allan closely observed the whole process and it intrigued him. After returning home, he spent days at home, doing nothing. So when one of his friends was visiting Allan, his dad urged him to look for a job for Allan. Knowing how good Allan was at drawing, he suggested why not let him try tattoo art since they had recently seen how interesting it was and how much demand it had. So they rushed off to search for the best tattoo places in Mumbai & came across a myriad of options. But out of all of them, Aliens did stand out. His friend loved the Shiva tattoos done by the founder, Sunny Bhanushali back then at Aliens Tattoo & decided that this was the place to be. 

They then visited the Aliens Studio in Versova & enrolled Allan, and luckily for him, Sunny Bhanushali was in the Studio. He was with one of his friends and client, who had a customised realistic tattoo on his arm. He was mesmerised by the art.

Initially, Allan wanted to learn to tattoo to make some money out of it. It was just a source of quick money. However, things changed during the course.

“It was a portrait tattoo. I saw the whole tattooing process & was stunned to see such a portrait-level tattoo being executed on skin. That’s when I decided that this is what I want to do.”

This was the moment his perception changed from learning how to tattoo for quick money and he found something to focus on. He found a passion. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Allan is one of best realism tattoo artists in the world, a lead artist and director at Aliens Tattoo and the dean of Aliens Tattoo Art School.

Here is what Allan says about his journey and what he wants people to learn from his experience,

“When I started getting better at my art, money followed. People recognised me. I built my portfolio, gained fame, tattooed celebrities like Hardik Pandya, and got my name published in a  famous magazine. All of this happened because I chased my passion & not money. Had I chased money, I would’ve earned that, but that’s it. I would’ve been stuck with just that.

If your child says that they want to be a dancer, or an actor, or say a tattoo artist, then you must listen to them because only some know what they really want. And if you follow your passion, money follows. So I think it’s really important that parents let their kids follow their passion. My dad trusted me and had the confidence in me to let me do what my heart wanted. Today, I am proud & satisfied, as I am more than a tattoo artist. I am a contributor to this industry.”

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