• Actual Image of Vortex Caught on Camera, Credit: History Channel 

At a time when many hoaxes and experiencer mania are running amuck in the UFO community,  it is refreshing and educating to watch the solid research and scientific discipline of History Channel’s UFO Hunter’s latest episode.

4 Conditions that Create a Vortex or Portal for UFOs 

Once again, the show and its principles do their homework and offer strong scientific evidence collected and analyzed by reputable scientists who theorize that portals or “vortexes” to other galaxies or dimensions are the reason some areas like the Hudson Valley of New York have so many UFO sightings and even full-blown flaps.

The show interviews experts who have studied the phenomena for decades and comes up with 4 conditions that seem to be present in such “vortex” areas:

  1. There must be magnetic anomalies in the area
  2. There must be a slew of UFO sightings
  3. There must be a military base in proximity
  4. There must be sacred ground in the area

When you put all of these factors together, big things happen  — and continue to happen — sometimes for centuries.

Pine Bush New York Incident 

One of the main incidents the show examines is the photographic evidence of a UFO captured by a camera in Pine Bush, New York on April 28, 1993.

The time-lapsed photos of the incident, which are many,  are carefully analyzed by two scientific experts who conclude they are viewing something rather unique and unexplainable.

Here is the entire clip from this segment of the show, which blew my mind: 

Here is the entire episode, which is well worth watching: 

When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

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