Today, I am going to share with you a recent discovery I made of probably the best, unbiased  interviewer and analyst of the phenomena I’ve run across in decades: Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Material for Serious Researchers Only

Mr. Jaimungal has taken it upon himself to thoroughly explore some of the great events of UFO history by interviewing some of those directly and indirectly involved.  Mr. Jaimungal leaves few stones unturned and ruffles the feathers of some sacrosanct figures in the UFO community.  If you like the 2 videos I am about to share with you today, then you should consider subscribing to his YouTube Channel.

The videos are not short; they are thorough, extremely informative and entertaining,

The first video contains an extensive interview with the godfather of UFO research, scientist and ufologist Jacques Vallée, who discusses the book he co-authored with Paola Leopizzi Harris: “Trinity — the Best Kept Secret, “ The book explores the lost and forgotten case of a crashed UFO and its still-living occupants that occurred 2 years before Roswell near the Trinity Atomic Test site at White Sands New Mexico in 1945.  Mr. Vallée and his co-author interviewed surviving eyewitnesses and corroborating witnesses.

It’s definitely worth the watch, in my opinion.

Here it is:

The second video is an unbiased and most thorough interview of alleged alien abductee Mr. Travis Walton. I learned a lot I didn’t know about this case and came away with a deeper insight of Mr. Walton’s experience and how it affected his life. Well worth the time invested for me.

Here it is:

When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

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