After  mainstream tabloids  sensationalized and exploited a recently declassified Pentagon report claiming it had evidence that humans suffered radiation burns by coming in close contact with UFOs and even an ‘unaccounted for  pregnancy,’  the fact-finding site Snopes shot down such claims, in its typical no-nonsense manner:

“Returning to that ‘“unaccounted for pregnancy”’ listed in the Pentagon report as a “UFO-related human physiological effect,” it is no more substantiated by the release of these documents than are similarly listed reports of UFO-related abductions, healings, or telepathy.

Even though all astro-biologists suspect that we are not alone in the world, the above supposed effects of UFO encounters, while detailed in a Pentagon report, are a result of discontinued efforts that haven’t publicly shown any empirical evidence for these findings.”

Here is a copy of the Sources Snopes backed up its dismissal of the reports claims: 


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Once Again UFO Community Has Egg On Its Face 

Tabloid Sensationalism Maginalizes UFO Community

Despite the fact that Unknown Boundaries and other UFO-related publications have been reporting on such incidents as outlined in the Pentagon report for years and focused on such findings in detail, all of that real disclosure has been thrown into the ashcan of media mockery and misinformation.

By sensationalizing and not reporting the truth that the recent report was a compilation of mostly anecdotal cases, the tabloids set up the UFO community for what evidentially occurred:

The report and its findings are written off as just some more unproven claims. 

System Set Up To Suppress 

The cause behind such sensationalizing is based on simple Internet economics that only “clicks” earn income from advertisers and without these clicks publications cannot survive. Therefore, sensationalism becomes a necessary evil in the eyes of some.

In addition, the No. 1 search engine only shows the major tabloids in their high search results, therefore publications such as Unknown Boundaries continues to be one of the best kept secrets on the Internet.

Real Disclosure Slammed Shut

As a result, true disclosure and reasoned analysis of the available evidence at hand on UFOs and aliens is trivialized, marginalized and therefore ultimately suppressed.

Link to PDF of Pentagon Report 

When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

About the Author Chet Dembeck:

Chet is an award-winning print journalist who has covered technology, government, and the Pentagon for various news organizations in the Baltimore/Washington corridor for more than a decade. Chet has completed stints as a reporter for the Washington Business Journal, the Federal Times, and the Baltimore Daily Record

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