When I launched my site, Unknown Boundaries, more than a year ago, I hoped to bring some reasoned analysis to the much-maligned subject of UFOs and so-called aliens.

After spending day and night on the site for this period of time, I have learned several facts of life I didn’t know when I first started:

  1. A large number of those in the UFO community are hostile to anyone new, especially anyone that simply reports cases as they occurred.  Why this is so, is too complex to explain in this short declaration. But, the hostility directed at me and my site was somewhat of a shock, even for me, a former hard-nosed news reporter.
  2. The UFO field is filled with hoaxers, hoaxes, individuals with mental health issues, and shameless grifters, who are willing to say and do anything to put some money in their pockets. This doesn’t make the field different than some fanatical religious cults — or numerous other hustles and hustlers that prowl the world looking for a steady supply of gullible or needy victims to bilk.
  3. There  ARE VERY FEW new cases with real evidence that get reported. And when on a rare occasion they do, they are soon covered up, or hoaxed and distorted into oblivion. Ninety-nine percent of what is reported as sightings on the Internet — either by video or via photos — are explainable — or just plain hoaxes created with computer-generated-imaging programs, in the hopes of collecting some clicks on a YouTube channel. Some of this phony, or hoaxed media,  are so good that even I have been fooled by them at first and THEN had to pull down posts and write retractions!

Thanks to Serious Seekers

Now, I am not writing this for the vast majority of those in the UFO community who thrive on sci-fi and fantasy speculations, because you most probably won’t read this and will rejoice, or could care less, about my decision to cease posting on this site and UFO forums. No, instead I am writing this for the few of you who patronized my site and added positively to the reasoned analysis of the phenomena.

Despite the mocking, denigrating and nastiness I received daily from many in the so-call UFO community, I was able to reach about 700,000 of you since launching the site.

However, because of the lack of any real evidence, other than historic cases from yesteryears, and the sensational and insincere nature of the UFO field in its present state, Unknown Boundaries is ceasing publication as of 3.11.22.

Stay tuned: I will still post my thoughts on this site every week. They will be totally uncensored and strictly what I believe — or perceive.

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