Much of the “The Book of Boba Fett” episode 2 centers on Boba helping the Tusken Raiders fight off a ruthless group of criminals who are traversing through their territory on a train, mercilessly taking out members of their clan along the way. Boba ends up stealing some speeder bikes from them on a trip to Tosche Station, which he and the Tuskens use to stop the train. Once that mission is accomplished, we get a look at the aliens who were inside, and we come to discover that they are members of the race known as Pyke.

Boba seems more than a little familiar with their shenanigans, as he asks them if the have any “spice” and, even though the Pyke leader plays dumb, they do indeed have lots of spice on that train. This tracks, as the Pyke Syndicate is known for controlling spice in the “Star Wars” galaxy, a substance that has been mentioned numerous times throughout the history of the franchise which is, more or less, used to make drugs. Thus, it attracts a lot of criminal activity. The spice mines of Kessel are the main hub for this activity, and the Pyke Syndicate controls the mining operations on Kessel. Fans are likely familiar with the Kessel Run, first mentioned in ” A New Hope,” which Han Solo managed to do in 12 parsecs.

The characters were initially introduced in “The Clone Wars” animated series, specifically in the season 5 episode titled “Eminence.” As far as live-action goes, prior to this appearance, we got to see them in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” as the movie dealt a great deal with Spice and Kessel, making for a logical place to bring them into the fold in a larger way. Now, it appears we’re going to be seeing more from then in the not-too-distant future, as Boba sent the group on their way to present terms to their syndicate.

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