If you have lately gotten the feeling that UFOs are just popping up everywhere, you are not entirely mistaken.

Things began to heat up on UFOland a week or so ago, when rumors began to circulate about a CBS’s 60 Minutes segment dedicated to our favorite Fortean mystery –what’s ironic is that many of these rumors were spread by the same people who ended up being part of the TV segment, but we’ll get back to that later. 60 Minutes is one of the longest-running and more respected news program in American television, so the fact they finally deigned themselves to pay attention to those pesky flying saucers, which for a long time were regarded as cable TV fodder, is kind of a big deal.

Probably the last time the major networks showed a similar interest in the subject –Oprah and late night talk shows notwithstanding– was in May of 1966 when Walter Cronkite (the most trusted news anchor in the country) ran a special CBS report called UFOs: Friend, Foe or Fiction? in which the skeptic tone was set heavily on ‘fiction’:

Two years later, the Condon Report’s conclusions gave UFOs its coup de grace as a subject worthy of serious consideration, and the big networks were all too happy to stop wasting precious airtime showing grainy photos, and listening to the testimony of citizens claiming to have seen things in the sky they couldn’t explain. Until now…

The UFO Super Sunday began earlier in the day, with CBS Sunday Morning running a segment reported by their correspondent David Pogue, who not only interviewed Leslie Kean –one of the authors of that (now historic) New York Times article of December 2017 which got this whole new UFO trendiness rolling– but also all-time skeptic Seth Shostak from the SETI institute was given the chance to show his smartass smirk, and repeat the same old tired arguments of why the only aliens worth considering, are the ones who use antiquated technology even ourselves consider obsolete by now (analog radio) to transmit messages to civilizations so far away, there’s no possible chance to engage in any meaningful interaction with anyone in the Cosmos within our lifetimes; but hey, at least it would be nice to know they were out there… for a while… until they blinked out of existence!

Four personal takes from the clip:

The two segments run by 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker later were, in contrast, far better in tone and content. Yes, the producers felt compelled to focus on the same Navy sightings we’ve been discussing ad nauseam since 2017, so for people who have been paying attention to these stories for the last three years there were no shocking revelations; but the silver lining was that Fravor’s wingman during the Nimitz encounter of 2004, Lieutenant Alex Dietrich, has chosen to speak on the record for the first time.

Some personal takes from the clips:

No doubt there will be many more major networks willing to give UFOs a shot now that CBS gave it their seal of approval, and I’m sure there could still be a number of ‘surprise leaks’ coming our way before the highly-anticipated UAP Task Force report is released next month.

Here’s my unsolicited advice to the UFO community: Curb your enthusiasm. The rumors through the grapevine is that the report was issued to just one or two hapless investigators within the government, who had no resources or extra time to put it together –not to mention no cooperation from other branches of government. My own personal suspicion is the report will amount to just enough to satisfy the Senatorial mandate that prompted it, acknowledging that over the past few years there have indeed been incidents leading to suspect the use of drones or high altitude balloons by foreign adversaries, which would demand stronger cooperative efforts between the different branches of government to deal and share information with relation to these sort of ‘exotic’ cases; followed by a few paltry paragraphs that won’t get into any details, suggesting that a low percentage of those cases are very difficult to explain with conventional technologies or natural phenomena.

…Or maybe it will be the complete opposite, and the world will be pushed into a Copernican revolution overnight, who knows! What I do know is that by bracing for a disappointment you will have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Also, remember that Disclosure will not be dictated by anyone country; it needs to be acknowledged by all the countries of the world, and substantiated with indisputable evidence (remember when Dubya tried to convince the UN Security Council that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?). But, as Ezra Klein pointed out in his excellent op-ed for the New York Times, if climate change hasn’t managed to join the world together on a common goal, what chance do UFOs have?

Not even Oprah is that powerful.

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