A candid and tantalizing opinion piece published today in The Hill by Marik von Rennenkampff, who served as an analyst with the U.S. State Dept.’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, examined the seriousness and perplexing problem of UFO/UAPs that recently swarmed and stalked U.S. Navy warships.

Not of This World 

While Rennenkampff offered no definitive explanation for what these UFOs were, he and others are certain they’re not ours’  — nor do they belong to our worldly adversaries.

“After descending tens of thousands of feet in less than a second, the object reappeared on radar 60 miles away, implying unimaginably fast velocities and g-forces. Most perplexingly, the UFO appeared at a pre-determined rendezvous point known only to the aircrew and radar operators, Rennenkampff wrote.

U.S. intelligence analyses ruled out highly advanced Chinese or Russian aircraft as plausible explanations for the bizarre encounter. For their part, the four aviators who observed the object believe that it was ‘“not from this world.”’

Not a New Phenomena 

Rennenkampff then went on to tell us what everyone in the UFO community has been shouting for decades: This phenomenon is not something new and there have been many documented cases of these objects for more than 80 years.

Still, what really blew my mind was a small video clip from 1966 that Rennenkampff included in the piece to make his point, which I have never viewed before.

“Digitally enhanced footage shows that the object appears to lack control surfaces or obvious means of propulsion, bearing an intriguing resemblance to the strange craft observed by naval aviators in 2004,” Rennenkampff wrote.

Here’s the clip: 

Navy Photographer Lee Hansen captured this UFO footage on Catalina Island, California, on Apr. 15, 1966, at 9.45 am

It’s less than a minute long and well worth the time, in my opinion:

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