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A strange thing occurred there at the end of 2020….

Heck.  Who are we kidding?  All of 2020 was strange in one way or another.

The particular odd occurrence in focus today was an addendum to a the COVID-19 relief bill.  There, after all of the other pork, (and that $600 check that felt like a huge slap in the face), was a provision that demanded that the Pentagon fully disclose to Congress everything that they know on the subject of flying saucers and alien lifeforms within the next six months.

Now, if the mere inclusion of this legislatively-binding verbiage weren’t wild enough, the CIA has stepped up to the plate and released a wild cache of their own documents that we can read right at home.

By way of the Freedom of Information Act, thousands of the CIA documents on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) — or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), as the government calls them — are now accessible via download at the Black Vault, a website operated by author and podcaster John Greenwald Jr.

The CIA claims they have now provided all the information on UAP they have, though there is no way to know that’s true.

“Research by The Black Vault will continue to see if there are additional documents still uncovered within the CIA’s holdings,” Greenwald promised in a statement on his website.

The idea of government disclosure of their UFO secrets has been a hot one of late, particularly as the infamous Navy “Tic Tac” sighting continues to make the rounds in our popular culture.

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