Sen. Kennedy: “If Aliens Landed Tomorrow And Said Take Me To Your Leader, It Would Be Embarrassing”

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) blasted President Joe Biden’s effort to get rid of the filibuster and pushing a “woke agenda” that doesn’t settle in an interview Monday on ‘Hannity.’

“The Biden administration’s effort to get rid of the 60 vote threshold of the United States Senate is not about a Senate that that doesn’t work,” Kennedy told Hannity. “It is about a woke agenda that doesn’t settle. Getting rid of the 60 vote threshold in the Senate, in my judgment, would be like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenage boy.”

“The Biden administration has mismanaged COVID. It has mismanaged inflation. It has mismanaged the border. And it has mismanaged foreign policy. All in one year. If aliens landed tomorrow and said take me to your leader, it would be embarrassing,” Kennedy said.

“Now President Biden is trying to change the subject by talking about race and he is mismanaging that,” the Senator said. “America is not perfect. Americans know that. But they also know that we are good. Black lives have mattered to most Americans for a long time. That’s why we passed Civil Rights laws in 1866, 1871, 1875, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1990, 1991. That’s why we elected an African-American president twice. That’s why we have over 10,000 public officials in this country who happen to be black.”

“President Biden is wrong to say that tens of millions of Americans are racist because they don’t support his woke agenda. The truth is most Americans don’t think that much about race. They think about character. They understand that souls have no color. Most Americans understand that to a bear, we all taste like chicken,” Kennedy said.

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