Disney and Marvel’s deal and the umbrella that covered 20th Century Fox sure did put the fear of Crom into a lot of Alien and Predator fans hearts.  Well, after Marvel finally regained their Alien and Predator rights from Dark Horse comics, we immediately saw movement on the comic book side of things showing that Marvel still wants those properties Mouse in the house or not. This came in the form of several of Marvel’s most popular characters all being graced with the rage-filled, acid-blooded xenomorph.

Marvel intends to release 22 of these Alien and Marvel variant covers so far. The complete list is as follows:

One of my favorite variant covers is the very subtle illustration for Captain Marvel. The picture imagines her as Ellen Ripley and even places Goose in the paws of Jonesy. Pretty awesome all around.

These variant covers begin shipping out this month (January). It feels like a signal fire to fans letting them know that Marvel has no intention of leaving Alien alone. Now, if they continue along this path and get some newly produced Alien films… with crossover? Nah, prolly not but at least more Alien films in any case.

A lot of fans assumed that Disney owning Marvel and 20th Century Fox would lead to less focus on their R-rated violent properties. These signal fires seem to be giving us a subtle thumbs up and a slow clap from the bleachers.

In addition to this significant amount of radness Marvel will also release a Omnibus of Dark Horses Alien comics.

“Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1 includes comics published from 1988 to 1992, collecting Aliens (1988) #1-6, Aliens (1989) #1-4, Aliens: Earth War #1-4, Aliens: Genocide #1-4, Aliens: Hive #1-4, Aliens: Tribes #1, Aliens: Newt’s Tale #1-2, Alien 3 #1-3 and Aliens: Space Marines #1-12, as well as material from Dark Horse Presents #24, #42-43, #56; Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special #1; and Dark Horse Insider #14-27.”

Check out the variants below. Let us know if you have any favorites in the comments section.

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