NASA Updates its UFO FAQ Page

Article by Andrew Paul                                                      July 1, 2021                                                            (

• On June 25th, NASA updated its Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs/UFOs) webpage’s FAQ (frequently asked questions). (see here) Among the frequently asked questions and answers (paraphrased): Does NASA actually search for aliens? Yes. Is that something that’s actually worth their time? Sure, why not? How do they search for said aliens?A lot of fancy-pants ways we wouldn’t understand. And, of course, have they found anybody out there? No, please stop asking.

• Says NASA: “There is a possibility and indeed a probability of life beyond Earth. Science is driven by the desire to better understand the unknown – but science is ultimately a matter of evidence, and we have not yet detected extraterrestrial life. We do, however, continue to look.”

• NASA is adamant that they aren’t technically the ones who hunt for UAPs. “NASA does not actively search for UAPs. However, through our Earth-observing satellites, NASA collects extensive data about Earth’s atmosphere, often in collaboration with the other space agencies of the world… While these data are not specifically collected to identify UAPs or alien technosignatures, they are publicly available and anyone may use them to search the atmosphere.”

• You hear that? “Anyone may use them.” [Editor’s Note] Calling on all advocates of UFO disclosure. Get on the NASA site and start scouring the Earth’s atmosphere for anomalies. Who knows, you might capture the definitive image of a flying saucer from above.

Despite our repeatedly provided, ironclad evidence that aliens are obviously, unequivocally here among us (unlike ghosts), a lot of people still seem compelled to“ask the experts” about it. We don’t know if “hurt” is the word to describe their distrust of us, but… like, what more could you need? It’s fine. We’re over it already… because guess what, truth seekers? The professional seekers of truth are real goddamn tired of all your questions, too. How do you like them alien apples, huh?

Recently, NASA updated its (admittedly still sparse) Frequently Asked Questions page on unidentified flying objects unidentified aerial phenomena, we assume to mitigate at least some of the latest uptick in all things extraterrestrial. Among the questions frequently asked: Does NASA actually search for aliens? Is that something that’s actually worth their time? How do they search for said aliens? And, of course, have they found anybody out there?

The respective answers, in a nutshell:
• Yes.
• Sure, why not?
• A lot of fancy-pants ways we wouldn’t understand.
• No, please stop asking.

Duke Brickhouse is a former trial lawyer and entertainment attorney who has refocused his life’s work to exposing the truth of our subjugated planet and to help raise humanity’s collective consciousness at this crucial moment in our planet’s history, in order to break out of the dark and negative false reality that is preventing the natural development of our species, to put our planet on a path of love, light and harmony in preparation for our species’ ascension to a fourth density, and to ultimately take our rightful place in the galactic community.

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