A UFO spotter says he has found “100 per cent” proof that aliens are watching over Earth after a picture of the International Space Station was shared online.

Scott Waring is a space buff and runs the website UFO Sightings Daily, and there he shared a blown-up version of the image where you could see a reddish object that he claims is an alien spacecraft.

He said that after careful analysis, he was sure it wasn’t the moon, and whatever it was it was much, much larger than the ISS in the foreground, as the Daily Star reports.

Scott said that he monitors the space station’s live stream and has done for the past six years, so he knows a rare sighting when he sees one.


Julia Marie Madness/Youtube)

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Publishing his find on Wednesday, stunned Scott said: “Watch this live space station footage taken today and you will see a close up of a huge sphere UFO rising up in earths orbit.

“It’s not the moon. The moon is five times bigger and bright.

“This object is much smaller, oval in shape and has some unique red/green colours to it.”

The teacher from Taiwan believes there is no other explanation for what was picked up on camera, other than an extraterrestrial controlled spaceship.

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Scott told his 40,000 readers: “I and others have seen such UFOs orbiting Earths moon, but this event is a very rare one to see orbiting Earth. This UFO is several times bigger than the space station.

“Absolutely amazing catch and 100 per cent proof that aliens are watching over Earth.”

Scott recently thanked his audience for donating to his fundraiser so he could afford a brand new computer capable of meeting his UFO detective demands.

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