“I think it is going to be required,” Taylor said. “It is going to take a broad mix of the sciences; more than just anthropology, but certainly we need to understand what the ancient people that lived there were seeing and why they drew it on rocks. It might be the same things we are seeing today, and they just didn’t know how to explain it either.”

In addition to the team at the ranch, this season features geologists, anthropologists, and Skinwalker Ranch researchers to all try piece together this perplexing puzzle of paranormal weirdness.

“Each member on the team has their own unique skills to contribute,” said researcher Ryan Skinner, who appears this season to bring a new perspective as a long-time observer, and has a new book coming out on the topic. “I have obsessively pursued this mystery for the past 15 years as a Skinwalker Ranch enthusiast, a researcher, an author, and prior trespasser. My experience on Season 2 will be me sharing my knowledge of the sprawling landscape, revealing hidden locations of interest, and conveying the rich stories of those who have experienced high strangeness.”

Season 2 will also feature a look at the mysterious petroglyphs that appear to be the “Draco” constellation from Greek mythology, and Indian lore of a serpent, which is described by archaeologist Dr. Alan Garfinkel as a metaphor for two worlds; a portal to the supernatural. There’s more of a focus on understanding the sightings of portals this season, which could be a continued approach going forward.

“I believe we have to go forward with experiments that can be repeated,” Taylor said. ”We need to find ways to make the phenomena be repeatable. …and this season we had some success with it. You’ll get to see some interesting things were we did some experiments two times in a row trying to change very little, and we got similar results when we did it- crazy strange results.”

To help better understand the phenomena, the team is also able to talk to retired Colonel John Alexander; best known for his interest and knowledge on UFOs and paranormal. Alexander has been viewed in the UFO circles as a credible authority from his past as an intelligence official who into UFOs with defense and aerospace industries, as well as his work with remote viewing.

“He basically told us where he believed there was a phenomena to look for; mainly a portal they believed they saw using an infrared system when they were there with Bigelow’s group,” Taylor said. ”We went and looked at that spot.”


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