Unfortunately, aliens did not visit Los Angeles on Cinco de Mayo this year. Nor did residents in the Ozarks witness aliens flying across the sky this past Thursday night. UFO panic is expected worldwide. And it all started in L.A. Many residents in Southern California this past Tuesday were convinced that UFOs were invading the planet after seeing some strange lights moving across the sky in unison. One person tweeted, “Did anyone else see a strand of moving lights above Los Angeles tonight?” Included in the tweet was a video of the mysterious lights that had a lot of social media users baffled, and for some, a little scared. But there’s an easy explanation, and it all points to Elon Musk.

Did anyone else see a strand of moving lights above Los Angeles tonight? 👽 pic.twitter.com/4qPw4JJmUs

— Casey McCabe (@McCabeOnAir)

As it turns out, centibillionaire Elon Musk is to blame for the so-called UFO invasion over Los Angeles earlier this week. Those bright lights in the sky were actually his SpaceX Starlink Satellitess, of which there are there are over 1,300. This explains why the lights were moving together in nearly perfect unison. For the second time in less than a week, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket that was carrying 60 of its Starlink satellites. Musk now has well over 1,000 of these satellites in outer space.

Another person on social media said, “Elon just made me think I was about to die, thank you Starlink satellites.” Astronomer Dr. James Davenport discussed the “UFO invasion,” stating, “They were still in low orbit, and they were still clustered together so we call this like the Starlink train.” This is not a phenomenon unique to Los Angeles. Starlink satellites are frequently mistaken for UFO sightings all over the United States several times a year, along with separate SpaceX launches that have many people believing aliens are on their way to take over the planet.

Dr. James Davenport went on to say, “You see like a little chain of satellites all close together reflecting sunlight back at us,” when describing how we’re able to see the satellites so well on Earth. As for Elon Musk, he’s currently busy preparing to host this week’s edition of Saturday Night Live, where he might talk about this particular SpaceX launch, amongst other things. Will he talk about UFOs and the existence of aliens? For now, that is unclear, so we’ll just have to tune in on Saturday, May 8th, to be sure.

One thing that Elon Musk is almost guaranteed to bring up is the meme cryptocurrency Doge Coin, which he has backed for quite a long time. Any time Musk brings up the popular meme coin, prices begin to rise. Holders of the Doge Coin are expecting the cryptocurrency to reach record highs (“to the moon,” as holders say on Reddit and Twitter) this weekend, thanks to Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, even though some believe he might not even bring it up at all. Regardless, Musk will likely have a lot to say about a number of different topics during his first time as host on the popular sketch comedy show. You can check out some video footage of the SpaceX satellites above Los Angeles from Cinco de Mayo above, thanks to radio personality Casey McCabe’s Twitter account.

Elon just made me think I was about to die thank you starlink satellites pic.twitter.com/1esVqHyd0y

— duchess pig of edinburgh (@sofiaisconfused)

Guest starring … pic.twitter.com/buM3bTOWbX

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

I thought I saw around 60 UFO’s flying in formation tonight over the night sky and almost had a Moment of feeling not alone in this universe. But then I remembered SpaceX launched 60 satellites the other day and made me remember that we really are all alone In This universe. 😔

— 1Confidential (@1Confidential1)

There are plenty of reasons to hate el*n musk but my biggest one is how whenever there’s a cool UFO/UAP sighting there’s like a 70% chance it’s a spacex thing

— it’s melancholy, dan (@venuslibitina)

No these are not UFO’s… these are SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. https://t.co/Q9NiSXO89i

— Grant Tosterud (@granttosterudwx)

Apparently that was SpaceX 60 satellites I saw. My mom was trying to say it was UFOs the whole time.

— Verdy (@verdy05)

SpaceX or UFOs???? Did you see the string of lights in the sky last night? – #TheWakeUpCall

— K-FROG Radio (@KFROGRadio)

Space line of lights not blinking or anything just flying in single file line! SpaceX #satellites#ufo

— D i a n a Z a r r a g a (@Diana_Mozza101)

Caught @SpaceX shooting satellites into a single file line in the sky tonight but I was convinced a bunch of UFOs were coming our way pic.twitter.com/jZRbufl2xs

— Kylie (@TheKylieHodges)

Out walking the pooch and saw a very linear series of 10 or so lights at about 30 degrees in the northern sky, heading east. These UFOs easily became IFOs. It’s a @SpaceX#starlinksatellites train. How cool! pic.twitter.com/fqsfTjG3xX

— Richard Estep (@estepr)

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