Russian General Fully Disclosed UFOs Are Not of this World — Piloted by ‘Intelligent Beings’

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Col. Gen. Maltsev reviewed troops at The Pentagon during his 1996 visit to Washington D.C.

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While the United States UFO Task Force failed to disclose whether any of the decades of UFO incidents were outer-worldly crafts being piloted by extraterrestrial intelligence,  a Russian General already disclosed this reality in the early 1990s, according to a CIA briefing document.

In the document, then Russian Col. Gen. Leonid Semenovich Maltsev gave the following candid assessment of numerous UFO encounters with Russian fighter pilots over the Soviet Union and then Russia from 1988 to 1994 at the end of a lengthily report on the phenomenon:

Full Disclosure

“I am not a specialist on UFOs and, therefore, I can only correlate the data and express my own belief, ” Maltsev said. “According to the evidence of these eyewitnesses, the UFO represented itself as a disk with a diameter of 325 – 656  feet.  Two pulsating lights were positioned on its sides. When the object flew in a horizontal plane, the line of lights was parallel to the horizon. During vertical movement, it rotated and the line was perpendicular to the ground. Moreover, the object rotated around its axis and performed an ‘S-turn’ flight both in the horizontal and vertical planes.”

“Next, the UFO hovered above the ground and then flew at a speed that was 2 to 3 times that of a modern jet fighters. All of the observers noticed that the flight speed was directly related to the flashing of the side lights — the more often they flashed, the higher the speed. The objects flew from altitudes from 3,300 feet to 23,000 feet. The movement of the UFO was not accompanied by sound of any kind and was distinguished by its startling maneuverability. It seemed that the UFO was completely devoid of inertia.”

“In other words, they had somehow ‘come to terms’ with gravity. At the present time, terrestrial machines could hardly have any such capabilities. The object was observed as a ‘pip’ from the radar target on the screens of aircraft radar sights and on the screens of electronic surveillance units. At one station, no observation was established.

After this statement, the editor of the Russian newspaper who published this candid report, which the CIA picked up, said the following:

“Rabochata Tribuina assesses Col. Gen. Maltsev’s documents as ‘substantial confirmation’ that the UFOs, piloted by intelligent beings of some sort, have been visiting the USSR.

Excerpts from the CIA briefing document

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