A recently declassified CIA briefing Document tells of the aggressive action of a spherical UFO that invaded the airspace of a Village in Lithuania near the Russian border.

The incident occurred Jun. 26, 1996, when two highway patrol officers spotted the sphere hovering about 60 feet in the air above the small village of Nemezis. When they got closer to the UFO, they became alarmed and called for back up from the police, including soldiers from the Aras Rapid Reaction Force.

[The UFO] was “pulsating,” alternatively shrinking and expanding. At the same time, they heard what they described as “a strange sound like electric or electronic crackle,” the report stated. “Wanting to take a closer look at the UFO, the policemen moved toward it. When they had advanced about 50 meters thorough the long grass, the police said, the sphere moved away, rose higher and rapidly departed in the direction of Vilnius.

The police observed the UFO for about 30 minutes before it vanished. Afterwards, they noticed that the long grass below where the sphere had been hovering was flattened. The area was checked for radiation, but all levels were normal. The police tape recorded the cracking sound in the air that remained ever after the sphere had left.

*Here is a copy of the document:

*The document in my article includes sensitive information obtained by a CIA clipping service it used at the time to keep close tabs of what was happening inside countries such as Lithuania. The clipping service sent the CIA stories the agency would be interested in and the powers-that-be at the CIA then perused and distributed them as in-house briefing documents. Many of the stories were from small publications inside Lithuania,  or as this one was. Remember: This was a few years before the Internet became ubiquitous and before such publications had any way to be seen by the world instantly. I hope this answers any questions I see posted about the authenticity of my research sources. Again, I added a link to the original PDF to the article below.  The official CIA document number of the is c00098713.

Copy of the original  pdf

Here is an amateur video that I believe captured the event, despite the dates being off, the UFO in the video took the same path and looks like the phenomenon described in the CIA document:

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