Strange unidentified flying objects have been reportedly sighted in Billingshurst, Barns Green, Warnham and Rudgwick in UK. According to the West Sussex County Times, the alerts of such sighting were raised by several people across the area that further generated a wave of confusion and curiosity. This came just a week after an air cadet, Alex Bridle claimed to have seen a ‘bright orange light’ over Billingshurst which was flying high and flashing lights before it fastened and disappeared. 

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According to reports, it was at night while Bridle was walking with his friend when he noticed the “strange” phenomenon taking place in the sky. He also said that whatever object he saw flying was ‘too fast and too bright’ to be of any sort of satellite. Then the air cadet claimed that it was ‘solid light’ for at least 10 seconds and then it started flickering before coming over his head and disappearing. Meanwhile, many people in Barns Green and Warnham reported seeing peculiar ‘glowing object’ in the sky.\

US Navy reveals encounters with UFO

The multiple sightings in the UK came months after the United States Navy revealed its series of encounters with ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’.  In late April, The US Department of Defense (DOD) had released three declassified videos that showed US Navy pilots encountering what appears to be UFOs (unidentified flying objects). 

According to the first report dated of 2013, a white-coloured aircraft was spotted which was approximately the size and shape of a “drone or missile” and left an exhaust trail that was visible. Another incident report from 2014 detailed the encounter saying the aircraft appeared to be “approximately the size of a suitcase”, and was silver in colour. 

However, this is not the first time that the videos showing such peculiar objects in the sky have been seen by the public. They were previously leaked and published by the leading US daily. But,  April 27, 2020, was the first time when the Pentagon formally acknowledged the existence of these videos and declassified them.

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