Government lies never seem to stop! Virtually all official narratives linked to important historical events like the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the assassination of JFK and 9/11 are drenched in untruth with false claims, overt propaganda or outright lies.

At the top of this list of spun stories is the topic of UFOs where the entire conversation entails a psychological operation where decent citizens are subjected to an unending stream of misinformation that makes the Santa Claus legend and tales of the Easter Bunny seem plausible by comparison.

The recent deluge of MSM coverage of the alleged “UFO Threat” follows decades of dismissal of claims by credible Ufologists that these mysterious objects are worthy of attention. The best explanation for legitimizing their existence is to justify a massive increase in defense spending by the usual suspects in the MIC.

With the Covid fear campaign losing steam and traditional efforts to demonize Russia and China barely impacting an already credulous polity, something dramatic needs to be cooked up by the Global Elite to reset the public’s panic button.

A Project BlueBeam scenario has long been in the works, perhaps to be deployed soon as a last resort by the Davos Desperados to hammer home their full spectrum dominance plan of total control over humanity.

Will it work? Perhaps! The latest wrinkle for those paying attention involves the ubiquitous and nimble (former?) intelligence operative Luis Elizondo, who has jumped from being a government insider linked to John Brennan, Jim Clapper and the DOD’s ATTIP project (supposedly tracking UFOs), to his role as a leading spokesman for the failed TTSA effort to privatize UFO Disclosure to his new persona as a disgruntled whistleblower out to expose official duplicity.

This would seem to make him the Michael Cohen of Disclosure since Lue has been the most prominent face of the official threat assertions that he is now supposedly attempting to refute.

This confessional posture has lured the unlikely support of famed civil rights attornery, Daniel Sheehan, who is simultaneously the lawyer for Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project which boldly proclaims there is no ET threat!

It will be intriguing to watch Sheehan to see if he successfully navigates this highwire act by Elizondo to rehabilitate his credibility and convince skeptics like Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and many others that he deserves to be believed.

Dr. Greer assures us that Danny will disassociate himself from Elizondo if the spook recants on his pledge to tell the full “truth” about ETs, UFOs and other aspects of the Secret Space Program. His position has been put in question after last night’s appearance by Elizondo on the Tucker Carlson Show where he said little that reversed his previous threat claims.

The next act in this drama comes when top Ufologist Richard Dolan interviews Lue as part of a special virtual conference on UFO Secrecy slated to run later today.

With the scheduled release of Senator Rubio’s UAP Task Force report fast approaching, today’s events and those that follow are certain to keep this topic bubbling in the public consciousness for the foreseeable future.

The big question remains: has UFO come to stand for “Unending False Official-Narratives” or will that appellation reclaim its original meaning of Unidentified Flying Objects as the ET Truth Embargo of 75 years since Roswell finally comes to an end?

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Duke Brickhouse is a former trial lawyer and entertainment attorney who has refocused his life’s work to exposing the truth of our subjugated planet and to help raise humanity’s collective consciousness at this crucial moment in our planet’s history, in order to break out of the dark and negative false reality that is preventing the natural development of our species, to put our planet on a path of love, light and harmony in preparation for our species’ ascension to a fourth density, and to ultimately take our rightful place in the galactic community.

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