When UFOs Attack — Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Encounters

The area where the UFO incident occurred

When an extraordinary UFO video of an incident that occurred in the Puerto Rican Port of Aquadilla was sent to several solid UFO researchers anonymously, it marked a new milestone in documented proof of this yet-to-be-explained phenomenon.

This thoroughly documented case occurred on Apr. 25, 2013, at 9:20 p.m. local time when a low-flying UFO flew over the Rafael Hernandez airport, causing a delay in normal air traffic.

Homeland Security responded with aircraft and the thermal video it captured writes a new page in UFO Disclosure.

Solid Researchers

The reason the video was released anonymously is because of the alleged reluctance of some higher-ups in the agency’s food chain to release it to the public.

My first knowledge of the event came from viewing a video that was sent anonymously to John Greenewald Jr., the owner of the Black Vault, a great tool for UFO and other researchers.  I edited the video down to about  2:31 minutes (SEE BELOW) to focus on what I considered the meat of the infra-red recording.

You can view the anonymous letter that Mr. Greenewald received with the video and also view the uncut video by going here.

In addition to Mr. Greenewald, a copy of the video was sent to Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), another fine UFO research organization. As you can imagine, many skeptics of the video claim the object — then objects — are nothing but drones, balloons, geese, etc  However, after thoroughly studying the video, SCU came up with the following conclusion:

The object that splits into two flies overhead and dives into the ocean is not of this world. You can read the organization’s entire 162-page report by going here. 

I concur with SCU’s assessment totally.

Here’s is an edited version of the Aquadilla Coast Guard ‘UFO Video’ (It’s worth watching the whole video)

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