NASA's Latest Mars Rover Pics Has People Thinking There Are Aliens Out There@NASAPersevere/Twitter

NASA’s latest photographs from the Mars Rover have led people to believe there are indeed aliens out there.

In a recent tweet from NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover, the team shared a picture of a patch of rock where the surface layer had been stripped away to offer a closer look.

These surreal images have left many Twitter users completely convinced of the presence of aliens, with a barely visible yet distinct white speck visible in one of the photographs.

Peering inside to look at something no one’s ever seen. I’ve abraded a small patch of this rock to remove the surface layer and get a look underneath. Zeroing in on my next target for #SamplingMars.

— NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere) November 9, 2021

I’m curious, is this small white arrow pointing at anything interesting? Or is it just a small white triangular speck in the rock?

— Chad Hicks (@HicksChadW) November 9, 2021

There appear to be mice on Mars!

— mediate4u (@mediate4ueu) November 11, 2021

One alarmed person tweeted that the spot was ‘definitely a tiny white alien’, while another jokingly declared that there was ‘mice on Mars’.

A third wrote:

Can you turn over large rocks to look underneath them? Something that may not have been disturbed for thousands of years? Who knows what may be under some of them?

I’m back to work, parked between these two beautiful outcrops. Been doing some imaging, weather studies, chemistry experiments and getting a software update too.

Latest pics:

— NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover (@NASAPersevere) October 25, 2021

Another recent tweet from NASA’s popular Perseverance Mars Rover account, which has 2.8 million followers at the time of writing, has captured the imaginations of those entranced by the mysterious Red Planet.

At first glance, these images – which show a number of rocks – don’t appear to give much away. However, there are those who feel the site resembles what we on Earth would recognise as a graveyard.

The rocks appear to be situated quite close together, and are of various shapes and sizes. You can absolutely see why some amateur space fans get the feeling that they’re looking at some sort of extra-terrestrial burial ground. Spooky stuff.

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