Either aliens were very curious as to what was happening on earth in 2020 or we’ve all been cooped up at home too long during the coronavirus pandemic, but UFO sightings in Upstate New York nearly doubled last year in comparison to 2019.

The National UFO Reporting Center, based in Washington State, keeps a database of reports from those who say they were witness to unusual, possibly UFO-related events. The site does its best to omit “obvious hoaxes,” though they cannot verify the validity of every claim they get. NUFORC contacts as many witnesses as possible, and makes notes about certain sightings which they include in their reports.

During 2020, a year when many Americans were kept home due to concerns of Covid-19, reports of “unidentified flying objects” across Upstate New York climbed from 89 in 2019 to 162 in 2020. The state as a whole spotted 310 UFOs in 2020, but in comparison to the rest of the country, was listed as a state with the fewest UFO sightings by Satellite Internet.

If you want your best shot at seeing a UFO, you’ll have to travel to Idaho which made the number one spot on the list of states with the most UFO sightings, or drive to nearby Vermont or Connecticut.

In August of 2020, the Pentagon created a task force to investigate UFOs as part of an ongoing research program called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) that operates under the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence, according to CNBC. Last year the Department of Defense also declassified and released three videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots showing flying objects that continue to remain a mystery.

Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots that show ‘unidentified aerial phenomena,’ which some claim are UFOs pic.twitter.com/Yb7NYulgJ0

— Reuters (@Reuters)

From fireballs in the sky to one report of a possible time machine, here is every UFO sighting reported to NUFORC in Upstate NY in 2020.

These locations topped the list for the most reported UFO sightings in 2020:

All of these places had two reported UFO sightings for 2020:

Each of these locations had at least one reported UFO sighting for 2020:

To see the full database, including event details, see the NUFORC website. And if you want to have a paranormal experience, visit Watertown’s own “Area 51″ where mysterious disappearances and reappearances have been legend since Thompson Park opened in 1905.

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