A resident is adamant that an object he saw in the sky late yesterday afternoon was an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Claiming the object was ‘flying at the same level’ as his car, the resident said the following:

“It was like a large black rubber plate – typical flying saucer style – but the speed at which it accelerated upwards and then dipped up and down before vanishing right before my eyes in an instant, was incredible… I’ve never been less able to offer an explanation for something in my entire life! I’m still shaking!”

The resident, who signed over exclusive footage to the Newcastle Advertiser on condition of withholding his identity, acknowledged that the object could have looked like a balloon.

“I know it looks like a balloon of some sort, but I swear it was a solid sort of object and went from ground to sky in physics-defying time and then appeared to rapidly move up and down, hundreds of meters at a time, before totally vanishing, not into the clouds but into thin air!”

The resident, who added that the strange object was also seen by several commuters and taxi drivers along the Link Road/Oak Avenue extension concluded by saying he was ‘speechless but not-yet-abducted’.

The video below was edited by the resident and has been slowed down to 10% of the original to show where the object appears in the sky. This video is the property of the Newcastle Advertiser.

The Newcastle Advertiser is trying to verify who else may have seen this object. Please post your comments below.

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