In case you haven’t heard already, a recent statement was issued by an ex-Pentagon UFO program astrophysicist who actually reported the fact that he had come across “vehicles not made on this planet”.

This statement garnered quite a ton of attention from the masses as the controversy sparred from it caused quite a ruckus amongst the many different scientists that still to this day deny the existence of aliens.

Not only that, but a recent study also reported the fact that one or more alien civilizations must have actually attempted to establish contact with us in the past. This study also uncovered the fact that over 36 intelligent civilizations exist outside of our own out there.

One of these appears to have been captured by the Mutual UFO Network which was actually even reported by a local eyewitness that appeared to have seen the spacecraft ascending into the horizon at 8:30 AM on the Northeast PA.

Scott C. Waring was again the first man on the scene as he appeared to have come across even more proof backing this whole incident over, making it official altogether.

He posted his own opinion on the matter including him over-analyzing everything that he had at hand.
This is definitely an interesting finding, as according to this eyewitness all of them appeared to be part of the same squadron as they ascended into space with relative ease.

Check out the following video for more information:

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