Recently, there was an unprecedented incident in California that stunned the world. It’s regarding the presence in the atmosphere of an entity that appeared to have an extraterrestrial nature.

It may, of course, be a drone or night skydivers, but it needs to be taken into consideration that this entity did not produce any sound and was hovering.

It all occurred in the little town of Menifee, California. At first, the witnesses assumed it was a small drone. They concluded, though, that it would be better to shoot the object.

When they studied it, they knew it wasn’t a basic drone. The person who posted the first video to YouTube of this item claimed more than 1,000 people were watching it.

There are a variety of videos from various perspectives. At first sight, this video does not appear to have been changed in any way. But we should never eliminate the CGI hypothesis.

See the video below and judge for yourself.

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