By the time the Soviet Union officially collapsed on Dec. 26, 1991 and became just Russia, it had begun a serious path toward “glasnost,” or openness,  especially in the area of UFO disclosure. Its highest military ministers and generals were giving candid interviews to the country’s many publications about the once-taboo subject.

It was as though a dam had been broken by a flood of pent up UFO cases that demanded to be exposed to the light of day.

This and the lead image for this article are an artist’s concept of triangular UFOs based on eyewitness accounts.

Here are just a few of them, I gleaned from a declassified CIA briefing report covering Russian UFO incidents during this period beginning 1988 and ending 1994. Here are some of the more interesting cases:

UFO Sightings by Major V. Stroynetskiy

In the CIA briefing report, an incident that occurred April 15, no year given, a Russian Major V. Stroynetskiy reported that he along with several hundred other eyewitnesses repeatedly observed UFOs over Yaroslav 1 Highway:

Many of which “looked like great triangular milk cartons,” Stroynetskiy stated. The objects were flying at altitudes that Stroynetskiy estimated to be from 1,640 feet to 2,624 feet. He said that at times the whole body of the object “scintillated” with illumination, while at other times this illumination vanished, whereupon the objects “flashed and became iridescent with lights or various colors.”

He said that the objects could fly at great speeds, make sudden stops in mid-air, or suddenly break off in a lateral direction from the line impression “that the flashes of light of the objects are, in some way, connected with the movement. The greater the frequency and brightness of the flashes, the grater the speed of the UFOs.”

UFOs Over Belgium

The next UFO flap reported by Russia in the CIA document is attributed to the April 11 issue [year not given]  of Sovetskay Rossiya. The article tells about the showing of  a video  by the Belgian Society of the Study of Space Phenomena to Russian journalists of UFOs that recently penetrated Belgian air space:

The film was made by a citizen of Brussels on the night of 30 -31 March and was claimed to show triangular UFOs, with bright lights outlining their edges and with weaker sources of light flashing in their centers which reportedly were clearly visible to many observers as they moved at an altitude of about 1,312 feet. The Belgian air force was placed on alert and F-16 fighters were ordered to intercept the objects. The objects disappeared as the aircraft approached but not before two radar stations had registered them on their screens.

Other Russian Sightings

The CIA briefing paper then highlighted some more Russian sightings during this time period:

  • UFOs over Estonia: UFOs reportedly hovered over power lines along the Tallinn Highway, and the newspaper published what it called photographs of them sent by correspondent Ye. Kapova.
  • UFOs over Bashkir Autonomous Republic: A pipeline inspector was ordered by his dispatcher to check his run of pipe after monitoring instruments began to fluctuate erratically.  He reported back that a UFO was hovering over the area where the pipe was buried and that rays emanating from the disk-shaped object were touching the ground above the pipeline.
  • The Rabochaya Tribuna published a report of a Krasnoyarsk militiaman who stated that two disk-shaped UFOs had followed their patrol cars, moving slowly above them in a “parallel course” for 2.48 miles. The militiamen maintained that when the patrol cars stopped a the village of Drokino, one of the “saucers” landed on a hill near the cars and harrassed them with rays of yellow and red light before flying away.
  • Two deputy chiefs of the Moscow-based 27th Militia Division claimed that they and their subordinates had tracked a slowly moving UFO flying at a low altitude through the outskirts of Moscow.

Japanese Finding at Tunguska Meteorite Site in Siberia

Aftermath of Tunguska Meteorite Explosion: Public Domain

A group of Japanese scientists on an expedition to the site of the Tunguska meteorite site in Siberia, where a great meteor exploded in 1908, declared that their research had proven to them that the explosion was caused by the crash of a nuclear-powered spacecraft  This outside-of-the-box theory has also been embraced by some prominent Russian scientists.

Unknown Boundaries  will continue to thoroughly examine all declassified government documents and publish additional information about UFOs/UAPs that has been hidden for decades.

Here are copies of the CIA briefing documents: 

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