A father-of-three was stunned when he was testing out his new smartphone and captured a UFO in the shape of a fried egg hovering over his home.

The bizarre footage shows the bright circular white and yellow disc-like object whiz across the sky before flipping over onto its back.

David Whittall was playing with his new Samsung phone when wife Becky, 51, spotted what he believes was a flying saucer over their house in Spetchley, Worcestershire, on Saturday.

David Whittall, left, said an internet search suggested the object could be a UFO, however UFO expert Dale Collett claims the object is a daisy shape helium balloon such as this, right

David Whittall was playing with his new mobile phone when he filmed this ‘UFO’ in the sky above his home in Spetchley, Worcestershire, on Saturday afternoon 

Mr Whittall claims the object was hovering above his house before it flew off towards Malvern, some seven miles away 

Mr Whittall, 53, a technical manager at an electronics company, said: ‘Becky was having a cup of tea in the garden when she shouted “What on earth is that. I’ve never seen anything like that before.’ 

‘I was inside working out how to use my new mobile and I dashed outside to see what she’d seen.’

Mr Whittall claimed the object was between 15 to 20 feet in diameter and initially thought it was a weather balloon or possibly a drone. 

However, he claimed the object moved in a ‘regimented’ fashion, quite unlike a balloon. 

He said: ‘I would describe the shape as a daisy or a fried egg and it looked completely flat.’

He said he zoomed in on the image to see if he could get a clearer look at the object.  

‘We are on the flight path to RAF Fairford so we do get military planes coming over, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

‘It could be a new military prototype.

‘I’m not sure it’s aliens and I don’t really believe in UFOs but technically it’s a UFO because it’s unidentified and flying.’ 

He said it took five minutes to travel the seven miles to Malvern, meaning it wasn’t travelling especially quickly.  

Mr Whittall said he even uploaded the image to Google Lens to compare it with other objects on the internet. He said the search engine matched it with several other UFO sightings.  

Mr Whittal claimed the object did not behave like a balloon while flying over  his house

However, an expert in UFO sightings told the Worcester News that the object was likely a foil balloon. 

Former police officer Dale Collett from Worcester said: ‘My interest in UFO’s started after hearing the accounts of sightings witnessed by my family in the 70s of vibrating silver spheres in the daytime and lights in the night sky flying a zig zag pattern.

‘Now, I’m at the state where I’m pretty convinced UFOs are real.’ 

After reviewing the footage, Mr Collett ruled out extra terrestrial involvement by searching for ‘helium filled flower balloon’ on Google. 

‘It was an easy mistake to make,’ he added. 

Worcester man claims he filmed a UFO above his house

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