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There could be an “alien abduction” on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here, a so-called extra-terrestrial investigator has claimed.

Russ Kellett believes North Wales is a “hotspot” and is known for attracting alien activity because of one of the region’s greatest UFO mysteries.

The Berwyn Mountains “incident” still provokes debates about what happened on January 23, 1974.

According to some locals, strange lights and noises were observed in the hills above Bala and Llangollen.

Mr Kellett believes an alien vessel came down that night and was taken away as one of a number flushed out of the sea off North Wales in a major military operation.

He insists there is also “ongoing” alien activity within Conwy county which could put celebrities staying at Gwrych Castle, where this year’s series is beign filmed, at risk

Russ Kellett believes UFOs were out there that night

The investigator, who is working on a TV show about this, believes the Berwyn mountain range remains important and that there’s “a lot going on along the A5”.

He said the area acts as a “corridor” of activity, leading to strange occurrences elsewhere in North Wales.

Mr Kellett claimed “People are scared to talk though and this is the problem that we’ve had for years.”

He said that there have been numerous sightings of UFOs over the years and some abductions.

This includes incidents in Abergele, which is where the upcoming series of I’m a Celebrity will be filmed.

Gwrych Castle in Abergele. Pictured: ITV reality series, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is to be filmed at the ruin. Pictured: A crane on site possibly preparing the film set. Photo by Ian Cooper

Speaking to North Wales Live, Mr Kellett is convinced “anything could happen” and even suggested that an alien abduction on live TV is possible.

The extra-terrestrial investigator explained: “If anything (an alien) wanted to abduct people [then] it would.”

Mr Kellett also said that it “hasn’t come as a surprise” that ITV will be filming the series at Gwrych Castle.

The claims of alien activity in Abergele and other areas is said to have been a factor in relocating there.

That’s according to an insider who told the Daily Star that “unexplained sightings” influenced the decision.

These sightings could include accounts of paranormal activity on the historic estate located in Conwy.

The ITV insider mentioned “alien invasions,” so Mr Kellett’s investigations may have played a part.

He however hasn’t spoken to ITV but said that he would happily participate in the upcoming production.

Asked whether he’d be willing to appear as part of an alien investigation bushtucker trial, he said he would.

“Forget get me out of here, get me in there,” the extra-terrestrial investigator joked.

“We have equipment [so any extra-terrestrial life] will come to us,” he added.

I’m a Celebrity, filmed this year at Gwrych Castle, is expected to return on ITV next month.

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