The strangest sighting has recently been made which confirmed the existence of aliens out there spying in on us.

As you could already tell from reading the title, it appears as though a massive lightning strike accidentally disabled a huge UFO’s cloaking shield for a short period of time before it managed to bring itself back online.

The video resurfaced on the internet multiple times so far, and the general consensus regarding it is that it is real and that it shows us the sad and scary reality we live in. According to this video, these UFOs are being manned by aliens that wish to monitor our every move.

Scientists believe that the cloaking system of the UFO had the same properties that a modern-day magnetic field has so when it came into contact with the many gigawatts of power that the lightning shot at it in an instant it couldn’t handle it and went offline for a couple of minutes.

As you can tell from the video yourself, they are living around us, spying us, making sure that we behave, and that we do not become a threat to them.

Experts believe that if we can actually weaponize the power of the lightning we could actually stand our ground against them, but the sad reality is that there are simply put too many of them to fight off at once most likely.

There could be hundreds of fleets of UFOs sitting on top of our heads patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike at any time of the day.

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