There’s been a lot of interest in UFOs lately as the Pentagon announced this month that they will be releasing previously classified information regarding a variety of UFOs. What will the report reveal? Some speculate it will provide vindication of the UFO-believing community. But others, like this opinion writer who is a UFO video analyst, say “not so fast.” He writes:

But there’s another reason you shouldn’t be fooled by the hype: when you start with God’s Word, you can confidently say there are no intelligent beings on other planets. You see, God formed earth to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18)—not Mars, Venus, or some other far-flung planet. Also, when Adam sinned, his sin affected all of creation (Romans 8:22). Jesus came as the last Adam to save those of Adam’s race who will repent and believe. If there were intelligent aliens out there, they would suffer the effects of sin but couldn’t be saved because Christ died for mankind, not for aliens (1 Peter 3:18; Hebrews 9:27–28, 10:10). So, theologically, we know that aliens can’t (and don’t) exist.

The Pentagon report may include some mysteries, but it won’t contain evidence for aliens. Secularists who reject God and believe in naturalistic evolution very much want intelligent life to be found elsewhere in the universe as they believe that will vindicate their religion of evolution! But they won’t find it: it’s not there to find.

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