What you’re going to read is not the dream of a lunatic teenager, but actual facts, even though it may be hard to believe.

Valiant Thor had been sent to Earth by the High Council to intervene on behalf of the intergalactic community. He eventually came to the United States and remained there for three years. Dr. Frank Stranges – author of “Stranger at the Pentagon” – was the person who confessed himself to and it is thanks to him that now he has this valuable information.

Valiant discussed many other practically unknown intergalactic contactees whom he met and known during his journey. He said that he has been given a present when he arrived on Earth, some kind of technological product.

All this information and more is available in William Mills Tompkins’s “Selected by Extraterrestrials: My Life in the Top Secret World of UFOs”

Also, check out this video for further additional information.

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