Lawmakers have expressed serious concerns about the threat of UFOs to America’s national security, with one lawmaker going as far as to say ‘something’s going on that we can’t handle.’

The comments emerged after a highly-classified briefing from the Navy and FBI to members of the House Permanent Select Committee on counterterrorism, on Wednesday – ahead of the Pentagon’s highly anticipated report on UFOs this month.

‘Clearly, something’s going on that we can’t handle,’ Rep. Tim Burchett warned after the briefing.

Sean Patrick Maloney added that they were taking the issue of unexplained aerial phenomena ‘seriously’ – especially when it comes to the national security interests of the United States – ‘so we want to know what we’re dealing with.’

‘There are legitimate questions involving the safety and security of our personnel, and in our operations and in our sensitive activities, and we all know that there’s [a] proliferation of technologies out there,’ Maloney told the New York Post

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‘Clearly, something’s going on that we can’t handle,’ Rep. Tim Burchett warned

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said ‘We take the issue of unexplained aerial phenomena seriously to the extent that we’re dealing with the safety and security of US military personnel or the national security interests of the United States

This video grab image obtained April 26, 2020 courtesy of the US Department of Defense shows part of an unclassified video taken by Navy pilots. Politicians are expressing increasing concern about the impact UFOs may have on national security

The Pentagon’s UAP Task Force is set to deliver its report on UFO sightings by the military to Congress on June 25.  An unclassified version will be made public, while a more detailed classified one will remain secret – and anticipation has been mounting over what might be revealed. 

This week, some lawmakers received a peek at a ‘sensitive compartmented information facility,’ or SCIF, but wouldn’t say what they saw inside.

Instead, they focused on expressing their concern about how UFOs could threaten national security in the United States.

Rep. Val Demings said, ‘You know it’s always about our safety and security — our national security is [priority] number one — and so that’s really the area where we really focused on this morning.’

‘It was an interesting briefing,’ Rep. Adam Schiff stated. ‘I did learn things that were certainly new to me. But I think I’m going to leave it at that.’ 

Not every politician was as concerned, however, with Rep. Peter Welch saying of the forthcoming report, ‘I’m not on the edge of my seat.’

At least one ex-pentagon official has already expressed concerns that could relate to national security, saying that UFOs have repeatedly meddled with U.S. nuclear technology, even forcing some facilities to go offline.

Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, told The Washington Post last week that UFOs or as they are officially identified UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon) have actually interfered with U.S. nuclear technology.

‘Now in this country we’ve had incidents where these UAPs have interfered and actually brought offline our nuclear capabilities,’ Elizondo said in an interview.

Rep. Adam Schiff (left) and Rep. Val Demings (right) were among those briefed Wednesday

The Pentagon’s UAP Task Force is set to reveal their findings when they submit a long-awaited report on UFOs to Congress on June 25

Elizondo was asked about several UFO sightings above secret nuclear weapons facilities and the fact that almost every major nuclear power across the globe has reported and declassified these sightings. 

He said that the phenomenon is a national security ‘concern,’ and added that the same observation has been made in other countries, making it a ‘global issue.’ 

Elizondo said some people have suggested that UFOs bringing U.S. nuclear capabilities offline could be interpreted as a sign that the unidentified objects are ‘peaceful’ but said in other countries the UFOs have actually turned on nuclear technology.  

‘So that is equally, for me, just as concerning,’ he said of their interference either way. ‘I think that there is certainly at this point enough data to demonstrate there is an interest in our nuclear technology, a potential to even interfere with that nuclear technology.’

Elizondo also told the Post that the Pentagon’s upcoming report will definitively state that UAPs are not U.S. technology, despite speculation. 

He said he believed the findings would conclude that they were also not Russian or Chinese technology either, saying that instead he believes it is ‘next generation’ technology, decades ahead of our own. 

‘You know, through observations we are, we are quite convinced that we’re dealing with a technology that is multigenerational, several generations ahead of what we consider next generation technology, so what we would consider beyond next generation technology,’ he said. ‘Something that could be anywhere between 50 to 1,000 years ahead of us.’  

Leaked video confirmed by the Pentagon shows a UFO buzz a stealth ship and dive

At least one ex-pentagon official has already expressed concerns that could relate to national security, saying that UFOs have repeatedly meddled with U.S. nuclear technology, even forcing some facilities to go offline (potential UFO sighting pictured)

Earlier this week, a top physicist also expressed alarm of UFOs, though physicist and science writer Mark Buchanan wrote in a recent Washington Post op-ed that he was concerned that alien contact could result in ‘the end of all life on earth.’  

‘Chances are, we should all be grateful that we don’t yet have any evidence of contact with alien civilizations,’ Buchanan writes.

‘Attempting to communicate with extraterrestrials, if they do exist, could be extremely dangerous for us.’ 

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence astronomer Joe Gertz echoed Buchanan’s sentiments, stating that all of our attempts at communicating with extraterrestrials could ultimately cause ‘the reckless endangerment of all mankind, and be absolutely proscribed with criminal consequences, presumably as exercised at the national level, or administered through the International Court of Justice in The Hague.’ 

Buchanan compared a possible alien encounter to Christopher Columbus coming to North America, where an older civilization was vulnerable to the more technologically-advanced Europeans. 

However, astronomers and scientists from a differing school of thought believe extraterrestrial contact could only benefit humanity through the use of alien technology, which in turn could improve the planet’s sustainability.

Douglas Vakoch, an American astrobiologist, search for extraterrestrial intelligence researcher, psychologist, and president of METI International, is one of those astronomers who not only believes in contacting aliens, he’s actively doing so. 

While UFOs have been sighted by civilians for decades, their existence was brushed off as nothing more than a conspiracy theory. 

But public opinion has shifted in recent years, especially after video footage and pictures taken by U.S. Navy pilots between mid-2014 and March 2015, was leaked to the New York Times, three years ago. 

The images showed a 30 to 40ft object, shaped like a Tic Tac, with no wings or rotors, yet able to hover, turn and accelerate through the sky at hypersonic speeds. The flabbergasted Navy pilots can be heard exclaiming in awe: ‘Oh dude!’

A New York Times also reported on a shadowy organization based at the Pentagon dedicated to reports of UFO sightings, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program — AATIP.   

In April 2020 the Defense Department released several videos, one of which shows a US Navy aircraft encountering ‘unidentified aerial phenomena,’ including objects flying and moving at speeds and directions that are impossible for human-made flight.

Just a year prior, leaked Pentagon footage showed an unidentified flying object hovering over San Diego, suggesting that maybe a ‘close encounter of the third kind’ isn’t so far off from happening. 

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