The Pentagon has confirmed that recently leaked footage of an unidentified flying object vanishing into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California is authentic. The video of the “spherical” UFO was taken by members of the U.S. Navy in 2019, but leaked online on Friday by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

The authentic footage was filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha at approximately 11 p.m. on July 15, 2019, off the coast of San Diego, according to Corbell. That is when the crew of the USS Omaha, an Independence-class littoral combat ship, tracked and documented the unidentified aerial phenomenon.

A transcript of the dialogue from members of the USS Omaha during the UFO sighting was published by Mystery Wire, a site “dedicated to reports on Area 51, UFOs, military technology, paranormal, mysteries.”

:05 “Took off, bookin’ it.”
:21 “Break, OMAHA, PINCKNEY, KIDD, RAFAEL PERALTA possibility to launch helo ASAP”.
:28 “If it splashes you get a bearing and range.”:30 “Yes sir.”
:32 “… keep going bro [inaudible]”:33 [inaudible]
:36 “… it’s windy as f*** out there.”
:42 “… got a lotta white water out there. Six foot swells.”
:43 “Whoa, it’s getting close.”
:50 “We have, uh, 31 knots sustained wind topside, gust of 40 [knots].”
:56 “Whoa, it splashed!”
:57 “Splashed!”
:58 “Mark bearing and range.”

2019 the US Navy filmed “SPHERICAL” shaped UFOs going into the water; here is that footage

Corbell claims the U.S. Navy found no wreckage and the mysterious craft was not recovered.

The UFO is believed to be a transmedium vehicle, a craft that is capable of traveling in air and water.

The Pentagon confirmed that the footage of the spherical UFO is real.

“I can confirm that the video was taken by Navy personnel, and that the UAPTF included it in their ongoing examinations,” Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough told The Debrief.

The UFO encounter is being investigated by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.

USS OmahaUS Navy

In April, the Pentagon confirmed that the footage of a pyramid-shaped UFO is legit. That UAP video was also taken by members of the U.S. Navy, this time on the USS Russell in 2019 off the coast of San Diego.

That footage was also leaked online by Corbell, who is best known for directing “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” a documentary about a physicist who claims to have worked for the U.S. government at Area 51, where he allegedly reverse-engineered alien spacecraft for the military in the 1980s.

Last December, former President Donald Trump signed the federal omnibus spending bill, which included COVID-19 relief funds and a stipulation that U.S. intelligence agencies and the Pentagon must divulge what they know about UAPs. The Office of Naval Intelligence and its Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force are “required to present senators on intelligence and armed services committees.” The government agencies have until June 25 to reveal their findings of the UFOs.

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