Darrel Miklos, a very popular explorer actually came across an incredible discovery of his own at the bottom of the Caribbean.

He found what appears to be an alien spaceship at the bottom of the ocean here thanks to a series of secret maps which were originally released by Gordon Cooper himself, the famed NASA astronaut.

Through these maps, he was actually able to know for a fact where to look so he immediately packed his bags and made sure to go to the Bahamas to check out what lied at the bottom of the ocean.

As he expected, he came across multiple shipwrecks down there which were definitely interesting, but not what he was looking for.

Eventually, however, he finally managed to discover what he believes to be the best discovery of his career, aka an ancient alien spaceship crash site.

Since it is submerged it is not technically a UFO but a USO instead. Regardless, what made it stand out were the fifteen 300ft long obtrusions that slinked out through the sides of the machinery.

After studying it for a while he stated that it was clearly alien in nature and that he’s going to look into it further so he can add it to his TV show on Discovery Channel named “Cooper’s Treasure”.

He’s already got two seasons going but he’s hoping for another one in which to display this discovery himself.

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