There’s been another alleged UFO sighting in Los Angeles, this time over the 101 Freeway just outside of Thousand Oaks, California.

TMZ reports that last Saturday, an eyewitness took some pretty clear photos of the incident around sunset. She was apparently using her phone when she saw the UFO hovering in the sky, trailed by a group of lifts, and headed in the same direction as her.

She took three consecutive photos as the UFO seemingly moved positions, as it sits at an angle and moves throughout the sky. She supposedly only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared.

TMZ did a little more digging and asked a Photoshop expert on its staff if the photos were altered. She said the images seem to be real and even experimented to see if some stock images could be manipulated to look like the eyewitness’ photos. The expert deduced that it would be difficult to modify images so that the UFO would sit at an angle—so, according to the outlet—these images are the real deal.

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