A supposedly alien ship has been reported in Krasnodar, Russia. This story went extremely viral in Russia, where local reports claim that several giant creatures descended from the ship.

The sighting took place near the village of Vodniki, in Krasnodar. Some residents of the village called the police at around 4:00 am in order to inform them that they saw the landing of a strange ship in the forest near their houses.

According to witnesses, from the ship descended seven giant aliens of about 23 feet, wearing some kind of silver suits.

Police started to investigate the place thoroughly. They’ve found a group of witnesses who showed them where the ship landed.

According to reports, all witnesses are in very good health, showing no signs of having taken alcohol or ingested any kind of substance. However, the police found no physical or material evidence that could give more clues about the incident. Nice cover-up.

Finally, local and national newspapers claimed informed that the police requested to higher authorities to register the material for further investigation.

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