Finally, NASA confirms the existence of UFOs throughout the history of mankind, in a bomb document published on their website.

The author of the document entitled “Unidentified flying objects in classical antiquity” says that the ancient observers of strange objects seen in the sky could not assign natural causes.

A small number of optical phenomena and flying objects seen by antique people in the sky have natural causes like sun and moon eclipses, the emergence of new stars, and comets.

The author of the document says that at least some of the strange aerial phenomena seen in antiquity are similar to the UFO phenomena of our day: My opinion is that most of the phenomena in antiquity have natural causes and only those that defy any conventional scientific explanations of all reports, who defy any logic, after careful analysis, can be interpreted as being similar to today’s UFO.

Witnesses in antiquity, when told about these incidents, have used what we call a military language today. Military terminology reflects the most advanced technology of those times. This terminology is also used by today’s UFO witnesses in their attempt to use technical language and to rationalize the phenomenon observed to describe a novel phenomenon. The author of the document lists a series of “military objects” seen by antiquity witnesses:

In Rome, in the winter of 218 BC “a show of ships (navium) that have shone in the sky”.

217 BC “in Arpi round shields (parmas) was seen in heaven”.

212 BC “in Reate a giant stone was seen flying in that area.”

173 BC “in Lanuvium a show of a large fleet was seen in the sky.”

154 BC “in Compsa were seen weapons (weapon) flying in the sky”, (Obsequens 17). The term refers to weapons, especially defensive, to shields.

104 BC “People in Ameria and Tuder saw guns in the sky moving east to west.

100 BC, probably in Rome “a round shield (clipeus) burning and sparking sparks flew across the sky from west to east during sunset.

43 BC in Rome “a defensive and offensive arms show (armorum telorumque) was seen rising from the ground to the sky with a deafening noise.”

The most famous army in the sky was seen in the spring of AD 65 over Judea.

Historian Josephus says: On the 21st of the month of Artemisium, a miraculous phenomenon, hard to be mistaken, appeared in the sky. Indeed, what I am going to tell you, I imagine, you will say it is a fable if it were not the testimonies of those who saw and were terrified of it.

Before sunset, all over Judea, chariots in the air and armed battalions marching through the clouds, surrounding the city, were seen.

We also have the first reports of spheres of fire falling from the sky during the Punic War.

Livy says that in 217 BC “two red moons in Capena took off in the daylight … and in Capua, a kind of moon fell from heaven during a storm.” In 168 BC, while Aemilius Paullus fought the Persian King of Macedonia, “a ball like a moon appeared on the battlefield.”

Somewhat more complex objects appeared in the sky of antiquity between the years 151 and 146 BC: After the death of King Demetrius of Syria, just before the Achaean War, a comet-like a sun crossed the sky, at first as a disk of fire, lighted so bright that it had dissipated the darkness of the night, then, slowly, its light diminished in intensity until it disappeared.

In 91 BC, Orosius writes that “the sky of Rome, before dawn, shining a fireball in the sky to the north and produced a huge noise.”

In 74 BC, while the Roman army under the leadership of Licinius Lucullus was preparing to attack the army of King Mithridates VI of Pont, the soldiers saw a silver object falling from the sky. Even the great Plutarch testifies to the above story:”

Now, without any apparent change of weather, suddenly the sky opened in two and a huge object in the flame fell between the two armies, as the shape resembled a wine-jar and the silver color. they were amazed at what they saw. This miracle appeared in Phrygia in the place called Otryae.

The presence of thousands of witnesses, including King Mithridates and General Lucullus, guarantees the authenticity of the happenings.

In 285 AD, in the Egyptian desert near Fayum, St. Anton saw on the sand a large silver disc that at some point suddenly disappeared.

Livy says: “In Hadria, in 214BC, an altar surrounded by white-shaded people was seen in the sky.”

In 150AD, on a sunny day, a “beast” like a ceramic piece, about 100 feet high, top-colored and flaming in all parts, landed in a cloud of dust, accompanied by a “maiden” in white.

The author of the paper concludes that antiquity people have been witnessing extraterrestrial technologies. Included in a large number of explanatory incidents, there are unexplained incidents from seemingly credible sources.

If these incidents are statistically examined, several features can be extracted that, for the sake of discussion, can call them UFO incidents of antiquity: Shape-disk or sphere; Silver, gold or red color; Texture-metallic or, occasionally, glowing or cloudy; Size-a meter to well over a meter; Sound-unusually not reported; Type of motion-hovering or fast and disordered flight.

Read the full NASA report here:
“Unidentified flying objects in classical antiquity”

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