In case you didn’t know already, NASA has their own YouTube channel on which they regularly stream the ISS footage live from space as it usually offers Ufologists a good unbiased look into space as a whole.

Recently, however, this brand-new footage was captured by it which showcases a massive fleet of hundreds of UFOs coming straight for us. This is not a drill, as many have already pointed out by now but this strange anomaly is not one that we should ignore.

Gorden McKenna was the first of the experts to point it all out as he was observing the broadcast when this occurred in the first place.

In the video here you can see the hundreds of strange objects move seemingly out of nowhere towards our planet. Although he himself declared that he was baffled as to what they could be in the first place, he now knows without a doubt that these are UFOs in the first place based on the fact that their speed varies from time to time.

The video was shared all over the internet, as many commentators began theorizing what it could all mean in the first place. It could be a top-secret fleet of alien technology ships from our own United States Air Force according to them.

Many referred to Donald Trump’s speech from 2019 as he talked about fighting an interstellar war and having gained control of the highest advantage position in the universe. The Space Force was established a while back on top of the US Space Command station.

There are plenty of theories out there that seemingly came out of nowhere, including one that states that these are nothing more than city lights being reflected into space while others believe they are just falling meteorites, to end with.

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