Known scientist Emery Smith claims to have worked in an American underground base for biology experiments held by aliens and that the experiments there will radically change the world.

The scientist makes a long series of revelations about the UFO, but also about the ET and EBE.

Smith states that before working in that underground base with aliens, he was a pilot in the US Army. He says the underground base has mostly experimented with human and alien DNA and that he has seen 3,000 deaths from these experiments.

Smith worked with several extraterrestrial entities, some of them being inter-dimensional: “They can come in our dimension as light, and then change their shape and density, from liquid to solid.

“Smith insists that these underground bases and these technologies have been here for thousands of years and that multinationals are struggling to get hold of it.

“These inter-dimensional ships can change their shape, even when the aliens are inside of them, without affecting them. They can travel vast distances in space, disappearing and appearing to other parts of the universe.”

These inter-dimensional ETs learned how to teleport and to make their bodies light when teleported. ” Smith also says that these ships can, therefore, run at 90 degrees at very high speeds without affecting them, because when they do these maneuvers they are actually in a different dimension with other physical properties.

Just because these technologies can be so important to us, he decided to break the silence.

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