In April of 2007, several videos apparently taken by NASA have emerged showing a city on the moon and a close up of an alien cigar-shaped vessel in Delporte crater.

These videos were from the Apollo 20 mission. Apollo 20 was a covert Apollo mission to the moon to retrieve ancient alien technology.

I’ll be the first to admit this really seems ridiculous on first glance, but if you do a little research into William Rutledge’s story, then you begin to see that NASA has been hiding the truth for a long time, editing what we are allowed to know and not know.

When researching this story, I hoped to learn the truth about the covert missions to the moon. What I learned instead stunned my imagination, strengthened by beliefs, and amplified my fears.

At that point, NASA canceled the next three missions, claiming that their budget currently was not capable of funding such an exploit. William Rutledge said that NASA’s Apollo 14 mission took photographs as they flew over the polar region of the dark side of the moon, recording numerous ships, odd-shaped buildings, and ancient towering cities, most appearing abandoned for million years.

As I investigated, I found that all Apollo missions from 14 to 17 flew over that polar region of the dark side of the moon. Each of those missions landed within a few hundred miles of each other, indicating that something in the area was of high scientific value.

The main mission of Apollo 20 was to explore a mother ship long since abandoned but discovered in Apollo 14 photographs.

The mission took place near Deporte Crater, where a cigar-shaped object is clearly visible even with the naked eye, in NASA photos.

Before investigating William Rutledge’s claims I first looked at the NASA panoramic photos above. It took me about three minutes to spot the cigar-shaped ship poking oddly out of a crater area in the right third of the photo that he speaks about. It is elongated and appears to have a cockpit area with windows close to the nose area.

Needless to say, I learned that William Rutledge was telling at least one truth; an abundance of alien technology does exist in the area of the moon that he suggests.

The city found on the Moon (see Video 1)
Since April of 2007, a man claiming to be William Rutledge has been constantly disclosing loads of information and video footage along with photographic materials on his YouTube account. His user name on YouTube was “Retiredafb,” and his video of the moon city got over 1.5 million views before, someone (smells like NSA) mysteriously hacked into his account deleting all but one 4 second video. Strange enough, isn’t it? 🙂

The city that we discovered was actually named on Earth.

It was decided that this city would be called Station One, but once astronauts got a close look at it, they realized that it was since long abandoned and turned to worthless piles of scrap, except one taller larger building we called the cathedral.

Alien Girl -E.B.E. Mona Lisa TV unscheduled transmission
This film starts out with a close-up shot of the alien girl they call Mona Lisa. It’s a close up before they removed the odd wax-like covers of her two eyes, as well as it keeping her mouth open and the bump over her eyes was covered in the wax-like stuff, possibly indicating the third eye? Condition of the face looks like it was frostbitten as if frozen before death.

They have a paper-like object with unknown writing on it. It has been placed in a zip lock clear plastic bag.

It is very well possible that if this paper is legit, that a digitally enhanced photograph of it can be taken from this video, giving us the ultimate evidence of an alien species. This would be the best way to prove that Apollo 20 actually took place. This piece of paper with black alien writing scrolled in cursive like manner could very well be the next Rosetta stone.

It is clear on the video, so it should be easy to get a copy made and printed out to analyze. You see a close up of the material of a blanket or towel of hers. This covering closes up looks like a circuit board with blue, light blue, and red conduits.

Alien Spaceship on Moon:
Location of mission: Delporte Crater, Earths moon
Coordinates: -15.89 by 121.55 LAC-83

In this interesting video the camera is scanning the top surface of the ship from end to end, revealing various carved hieroglyphics in its outer hull. At 1:24 you can see impact holes on its surface. I don’t believe these to be caused by meteors but looks like some laser or particle beam burnt through it.

It gets really detailed of the top hieroglyphics. It looks Mayan in appearance. At 1:38 you see some hieroglyphics then there is an area that has long lines, much like the chin area of a blue whale.

At 1:40 into the video you see the best view of the Hieroglyphics yet. At 1:52 you can see a hieroglyphic that looks like a person wearing a headdress and glasses. Amazing close-up video of the ship.


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