The Arcturians are known as the most advanced beings in our universe. They transcended our current reality, being able to easily pass through the 4th and 5th dimension all the way to the 3rd dimension where they regain their temporary physical form.

While walking amongst other physical entities they refer to themselves as the “Arcturians”.

What sets them apart from most other races out there is the fact that they are extremely peaceful, with their most used ability being the one to heal most any physical would imaginable.

If you do find yourself on their list however there is no way that you can stop them, as a matter of fact, we highly believe any creature in this universe could stop them.

They come from a blue planet that orbits the red giant star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation.

This star is around 36 light-years away and if you’ve been paying attention to NASA’s reports they are planning on visiting that star system soon because it is acknowledged by them as the most inhabitable system in our galaxy.

They are cosmic beings; we couldn’t even hurt them if we wanted to.

Besides, they are known as Earth’s watchers and protectors; they often intervene for our sake, protecting us from the Tall Greys and the Reptillians.

They are the only race is known to stand up to the Draconians and their main purpose in life is to help us reach Conscious Evolution which is their way of saying that they wish for us to be able to transcend into the other dimensions like them too.

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