Dog corn maze

Aliens have been known for creating circular formations in crop fields. But how will that get anyone’s attention? The smartest aliens should know by now that dogs are the way to get humans to listen. That’s why a cornfield in Michigan recently showed some unusual images: dogs!

If you visit Deep Roots Produce in Caledonia, Michigan, you can see these incredible sights for yourself. The farm claims that it’s just their annual corn maze, but you can never be too sure.

Dog corn maze
Image: @deeprootsproduce/Facebook

Dogs Make Everything Better

Like most farms, Deep Roots Produce is known for its intricate corn maze during the autumn season. This year, Liv and Stephen McDaniel, the new owners of the farm, have been hard at work to make the maze special. When you’re going through it, it probably looks like your everyday maze. But from above, it has the most beautiful picture anyone has ever crafted in corn.

If you get a birds-eye view of the maze, you can clearly see that it’s two dogs. The design was inspired by the couple’s two Labs named Diesel and Silo. It contains a kid’s maze, an intermediate maze, and an advanced maze. The mazes range anywhere from 0.3 miles to 2.5 miles.

Dog corn maze plans
Image: @deeprootsproduce/Facebook

“The better you are, the faster it will go, cause you can get lost in there,” said Stephen McDaniel. “There’s some platforms in there to get you up above the corn, and there’s checkpoints along the way. We have punchcards available, you can check off where you are in the maze and win some fun prizes.”

The farm also has plenty of produce available for purchase. In addition to the pre-picked produce, guests can also pick their own pumpkins and tomatoes. There are 9 different varieties of pumpkins available on-site.

Dog at corn maze
Image: @deeprootsproduce/Facebook

How to See This Incredible Corn Maze

The maze is perfect for people of all ages, especially families with young children. After all, the maze has colorful pictures and informational signs set up so kids can learn about farms. Stephen McDaniel says he loves when kids get excited about the work they do.

“It’s my favorite part of farming,” Stephen McDaniel said. “It’s a lot of hard work from sun up to sun down always doing something different everyday, but seeing kids and family members come and learn about agriculture and get excited about it and actually eat nutritious food that you put your heart and soul into is awesome.”

Dog at farm
Image: @deeprootsproduce/Facebook

This incredible dog corn maze is open Friday through Saturday from 11 am to 6:30 pm in September. Then, it will become a little spookier for Halloween in October.

If you’re interested in visiting the Deep Roots Produce corn maze, check out their website or Facebook page for more information!

Featured Image: @deeprootsproduce/Facebook

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