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Is it actually possible that a real life UFO flew over Doncaster this week? Well, social media seems to think so.

The video footage above was shared across several platforms throughout the last 24 hours, with thousands of people suggesting that this could be a genuine sighting.

The video, captured by Doncaster man Andrew Pollard, has become a huge talking point.

Andrew, from Maltby, has said that he believed it to be far too fast to be a drone or a bird.

The mystery object appears in his film around three seconds into the footage that he recorded.

You can see the object first appear on the right-hand side as it flies above the aircraft in a straight line.

The video, which was shared on an Instagram page, has over 11,000 likes and comments.

One man, Patrick Mason, who stated himself to be an aviation expert, said that the footage is “extremely interesting”.

He said: “I am genuinely very interested in this footage. I don’t know if it has been doctored, and if it has, then the person who has done this is clearly an expert. But if it is genuine, then I feel this certainly needs to be looked into by the airport.

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“Obviously, people are going to jump towards saying it is a UFO – that’s always fun.  But the fact that it is flying so close to an aircraft… that’s interesting.”

It’s certainly not the first time that people have declared to have spotted a UFO in Yorkshire. Six months ago, a man in Huddersfield claimed to see a ‘very large aircraft’ above him.

YorkshireLive has approached Doncaster Sheffield Airport for a comment on the unidentified flying object.

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