This really fast unidentified flying object was spotted in the sky above Atlantic ocean. It was filmed from Volusia county, Florda on 11th August 2020.

Witness report: Object seem to be hovering with no sound miles and miles from the hotel I was at. It made no nosie it looked dark grey. On vacation went out on the balcony and noticed a black disk shaped object from a far distance on the beach just hovering in one spot for about minute or two that’s what caught my attention. It then started to move and I lost it. I grabbed my phone to record hovering and then I thought I lost because the sun was shining so bright I could barely see or sit on the balcony. Then I noticed I found the object again it seemed to be scanning the same spot and then it took off so fast I could barely see because of the sun in my eyes I had to put the phone down to see where it went. But it kept hovering that area of the water drop real low go back up and shoot cross the water and then disappear from my eye view.

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