The existence of UFOs is no longer a question, but a foregone conclusion, Mellon explained, during an interview on “Fox and Friends” this week.

The Navy itself has publicly acknowledged the fact that they exist, and navy pilots have gone on the record acknowledging that they exist,” he argued.

The navy pilots in question reportedly claim they were seeing UFOs every day for almost two years between 2014 and 2016. Mellon confirmed that there are strong indications the objects the pilots had been seeing have technological capabilities far beyond what puny earthlings are capable of, including the ability to reach speeds of over 5,000 mph.

However, all the new evidence and the admissions doesn’t mean that the big questions have been answered: while “we know that UFOs exist”, now investigators are tasked with asking “why are they here?” Mellon noted.

Forget Russiagate, if what he is saying is true, these potential alien aircraft could be a “vital national security issue.” Mellon pointed out that their presence on US military grounds shows that US “sovereignty is being violated by vehicles of unknown origin…” which certainly sounds more threatening than buying Facebook ads.

While there hasn’t yet been any being-to-being contact between the military and the UFOs’ presumed pilots –none that we know of, anyway– Mellon noted that when the unidentified vessels have come head-to-head with Earth aircrafts, their reactions strongly indicated that these were “intelligently controlled vehicles.

He also hinted that other NATO allies have been experiencing similar phenomena.

Do the ex-government official’s conclusions, coupled with the current Defense Department’s admissions about “unidentified aerial phenomena” mean that it’s time to get on the phone with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum? Possibly… then again, it might also be that Mellon is just trying to plug his new History Channel docutainment show about UFOs.

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