Previously classified documents, sealed for 61 years, have been revealed to show the UFO hotspots in the UK.

In 2009, which was when the RAF stopped collecting records, London was at the top of the list with 54 sightings.

The discoveries were reported by air traffic control employees, pilots, police officers and journalists.  

Here are the top 20 areas for UFO sightings in the UK with London at the top and the Midlands a major hotspot with over 109 sightings

An apparent UFO sighting above Stonehenge in 2015. There have been 15 sightings in Wiltshire

A 2017 alleged UFO sighting in Warminster, a town in western Wiltshire. The region saw the 11th most UFO sightings in the UK from 2009

Sightings in 2009 in the UK

19. West Yorkshire – 12

20. Cornwall – 11 

Kent is second with 30 sightings in the same year, as Lancashire (24), Derbyshire (22) and Essex (22) make up the top five. 

The midlands is a major hotspot with over 109 sightings as counties Warwickshire (17) and Lincolnshire (13) make the top 15 along with Derbyshire. 

An incredible 626 sightings were collected in 2009 alone across the UK.

If you are struggling for things to do during the coronavirus lockdown, the best time to spot a UFO, according to the research by Fresh Student Living, is between 8pm and midnight.

Between 10 and 11pm is the sweet spot, with almost 100 sightings. 

Until recently, the UK government had some serious manpower behind UFO sightings.

For years, the RAF was responsible for recording public reports and submitting them to the National Archives. 

Eventually, in true X-Files style, the UFO wing of the RAF was shut down after higher-ups concluded that in 50 years, they had found no evidence of a ‘potential threat’.

According to a 2020 YouGov survey, one in five Brits admitted that it’s likely that aliens currently live on Earth, whereas 65% say it’s not likely and 15% are undecided. 

It’s not only in the UK that UFO’s have been spotted.  

The Pentagon in the USA released three videos last week taken by US Navy pilots that reportedly show ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’. 

The footage that had been previously acknowledged as real by the Navy, capture what pilots recorded on their video sensors during training flights in 2004 and 2015.

Two of the clips were first published in 2017 by the New York Times and the third by the To The Stars Academy in 2018 – a group that specializes in unexplained phenomenon and was founded by Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge.


London (54), Kent (30), Lancashire (24), Derbyshire (22), Essex (22), Stafford (19), Swansea (18), Warwickshire (17), Surrey (16), Norfolk (15), Wiltshire (15), Yorkshire (15), East Sussex (14), Devon (13), Lincolnshire (13), Hertfordshire (12), Northamptonshire (12), West Sussex (12), West Yorkshire (12), Cornwall (11), Oxford (11), Shropshire (11), Somerset (11), Cheshire (10), Nottingham (10) Suffolk (10), Brighton (8), Cambridgeshire (8), Hampshire (8), Glasgow (7), Gloucestershire (7), Bedford (6), Cumbria (6), Edinburgh (6), Liverpool (6), Merseyside (6), Abderdeenshire (5), Buckinghamshire (5), Dorset (5), Gwent (5), Manchester (5), North Yorkshire (5), Anglesey (4), Bristol (4), Cardiff (4), Fife (4), Humberside (4), Berkshire (3), Birmingham (3), Midlothian (3), Worcestershire (3), Dyfed (2), Flintshire (2), Leeds (2), Leicestershire (2), Sheffield (2), Angus (1), Banffshire (1), Belfast (1), Bridgend (1), Cardiganshire (1), Clwyd (1), County Down (1), Durham (1), Coventry (1), Croydon (1), Doncaster (1), Dunbartonshire (1), East Yorkshire (1), Glamorgan (1), Gwynedd (1), Huddersfield (1), Kingston upon Hull (1), Newcastle Under Lyme (1), Newport (1), Northumberland (1), South Lanarkshire (1), Tyne & Wear (1) 

Britain’s UFO hotspots revealed: Official RAF documents show locations of 626 UK ‘sightings’

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