Even UFOs can’t shock a world invaded by the coronavirus.

The Pentagon’s decision to declassify three well-known UFO videos, confirming they were “unidentified” objects, started trending on social media — largely for how unsurprising it seemed in the craziness of 2020.

“Waking up and seeing #UFOs trending after everything that’s happened in 2020 already,” @_JordanRH tweeted — with a video meme of someone laughing wildly before saying, “It is what it is.”

“At this point, Aliens taking control of the world doesn’t seem that bad,” Caroline Jea wrote, with another observer tweeting, “Y’all the pentagon literally confirmed #UFOs exist and NO ONE CARES.”

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“I feel more ready for #UFOs than the rest of this s–t going down rn for real,” Julia Haile wrote.

“You’ll notice their flying away from us,” one person said of the footage, while another video meme suggested the aliens got sick as soon as they landed, bursting into tears at their decision to invade.

Another meme showed an unfazed Paris Hilton supposedly calmly saying “OK” at being told aliens were real.

“2020 has changed us,” Elelna C said, sharing a meme of a 2019 SpongeBob SquarePants screaming in terror at the UFO news, with a 2020 version just looking depressed.

Another widely shared joke had someone suggesting that “things will be back to normal by July” — instead showing the giant Alien ship from “Independence Day” arriving then.

Others, meanwhile, suggested that the Pentagon timed the announcement — either to hide the news, or in the hopes it would prove a “diversion” from the horror of the pandemic.

“Things have gotten so bad, that they’re releasing UFO video footage as a diversion,” @AlexandrainNYC wrote, while Stacey Young joked about President Trump’s “sarcastic” suggestion for a coronavirus cure.

“Well, no one’s talking about bleach anymore so guess that plan worked…,” she tweeted.

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